For the love of Hulu

In college, time is extremely valuable. It’s precious, and there is definitely not enough. Between classes and homework there is rarely any time to simply relax and watch your favorite guilty pleasure at 7 o’clock sharp. That is where the lovely website Hulu comes in to play. Before I go on with my shameless plug for Hulu, I should inform you all that I am sadly not being paid for my praise of this revolutionary site.

Hulu is the holy grail of instant TV. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix is great and so are the sites for ABC, NBC, The CW, etc., but none of these even come close to the magnificence of Hulu. As a matter of fact, Hulu and I are in a pretty serious relationship, sorry boys but unless you can instantly play my favorite TV shows after they air, you have no chance.

Why do I love Hulu so much and believe that everyone should? Well, that is an excellent question and here are a few reasons why.


Most of the basic cable networks, and even some of the more supreme channels like FX, post their hit shows on Hulu. No longer do I have to switch from one website to the next to catch up on my favorite shows, they are all in one place.

Limited commercials

Unlike Netflix, Hulu does not air any shows without commercials, but don’t fret. Hulu has limited commercials that last only a minute or so, compared to the networks individual sites that air their shows with just as many commercials as the original televised broadcast. Limited commercial interruptions are better than five or so minutes worth of commercials every fifteen minutes.

New Episodes

Hulu airs the most recent episodes of countless hit shows the day after their original broadcast. While Netflix has a variety of content ready to watch, it does not have the newest episodes of these TV shows. If you, like most college students and people, don’t have the time to relax and watch your favorite show when it first airs, no worries, you can catch it on Hulu the next day.

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