Movie review: The Vow

Every year around Valentine’s Day, a slew of mushy romance movies pop up in theaters, and this year is no different. As soon as February hit, previews for The Vow began to appear all over the TV and internet, marketing the film as the next romantic classic. Of course I was intrigued seeing that the movie stars Dear John’s Channing Tatum and The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams, two great romantic actors, and by great I merely mean entertaining. Plus, I love a good cheesy romance movie as much as the next girl.

The Vow tells the story of Leo (Tatum) and Paige (McAdams), who up until a horrific car accident, were madly in love. The film primarily focuses on their lives after the accident with a few flashbacks to how they first fell in love. These flashbacks are perfectly placed in the film, appearing as Leo waits for Paige to wake up from her coma. Through these flashbacks, the viewer is able to get a true sense of how powerful of a love these two people share, causing the viewer to become emotionally invested in this fictional couple.

In all romance movies it is extremely important that the audience form some sort of emotional tie to the couple, if it does not then there is no point to the movie. Director Michael Sucsy makes it incredibly easy for the audience to care about Leo and Paige. After seeing the creation of their love during the flashbacks, it is completely heartbreaking to witness the destruction of their love when Paige awakens from her coma with no memory of her life with Leo, let alone anything else that has gone on in her life for the last five or so years.

The Vow won’t be winning any Academy Awards anytime soon, but the film is worth a watch if you love a good mushy romance movie. The ending is a bit of a letdown, but it does not take away from the rest of the film. Besides being based upon true events, The Vow conveys a relatable message the audience is sure to never forget. The Vow reminds viewers that throughout life there are moments of impact, moments that we will forever carry with us, no matter how big or small. Any movie with a relatable and dare I say it, powerful, message like that is definitely worth a watch.

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