Indie love

It’s that time of year again, and no I’m not talking about the Oscars, but rather the 27th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards. While I love all movies, I truly do, independent films, which are more commonly referred to as indie films, hold a special place in my heart.

Ever since I saw Garden State in 2004, I became addicted to indie films. I would ride my bike up to Blockbuster and rent all the indie movies I could possibly get my hands on. At a mere 12-years-old my love affair with indie films began, and has continued to this day.

On the surface, indie films don’t seem very different from regular movies, but once you watch them, the differences become completely apparent. Granted, not all indie films are great, there are some that are absolutely horrible, but this is about those indie films that stand out, that are memorable.

When it comes to indie films, there is a certain magic about them that just cannot be duplicated. Take the indie film Blue Valentine for instance. Starring Michelle Williams and Ryan GoslingBlue Valentine tells the story of a love found and lost. For their roles in this film, both actors went to extreme emotional, and for Gosling even physical, extremes to properly portray this heartbreaking love story. They, along with director Derek Cianfrance, wanted to tell as realistic of a love story as possible, not just another cliché romance movie. Cianfrance, along with both actors, does a beautiful job of showing two people fall in love, as well as show their marriage fall apart. The film is simply tragically beautiful, which makes it so relatable.

This is the magic I was speaking of, a kind of magic that captivates the audience and causes them to not only fall in love with these characters but relate to them most of all. While there may be a few big-budget movies that capture this magic, those only come once in a blue moon. Whatever you are doing, take the time to watch an indie movie this weekend and feel the magic. Trust me, it’s more than worth it.

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