Movie trailer obsession: That Awkward Moment

9594d367-8ae3-486e-996c-588621d92bb2_thatawkwardmoment_trailer_gs2One of the things I love most about seeing a movie in theaters is watching the movie trailers before the film. Recently I went to see the remake of Carrie in theaters with an English professor of mine. Now quick side note, I thought it was a fantastic remake, and that the new director really brought her own spin to it. It was not scary by any means, but definitely shocking and surprising. I would say it is one of the must-see films of October (maybe the only must-see film of October). 

But, back to what I was saying. I absolutely love watching movie trailers, in theaters or at home on my laptop. I believe you can tell a lot about a film from its trailer. Trailers are usually spot on and truly provide a great description of what a film is going to be about, or they are completely misleading. On the rare occasion, the trailer is even better than the movie.

Well, before Carrie many trailers aired. From horror films coming out in the next few months to a couple of romance movies headed to theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day. However, while they were all enjoyable, one trailer stood out for me, and I have showed the red-band trailer for it to all my friends since seeing it in theaters.

Ever heard of a film called That Awkward Moment? Probably not because it really does not have any huge name actors in it besides Zac Efron (but let’s be honest, he’s kind of lost his magic over the years). Indie darlings Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan also star in this flick about three guy pals who learn what it means to be in a relationship, from the romantic kind to the purely platonic and everything in between.

Give the trailer below a peek, and beware it’s not exactly safe for work so wait until you’re home. It’s funny, light-hearted, and just simply magical in my opinion. It looks like all the stars have aligned for That Awkward Moment, I just hope the film turns out to be as marvelous as the trailer.

That Awkward Moment hits theaters this January.

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