Welcome to The Cultured Collegiate, your pop culture source for your hectic college life. I’m Samantha Baker, your lovely tour guide. Currently, I spend my days as a senior at Drake University double majoring in magazine journalism and English. My nights, however, are spent as a connoisseur of pop culture. I eat, sleep, and breathe all things pop culture. I cannot go a single day without listening to music, watching TV, or getting updated on the latest celebrity gossip. When I’m not devouring pop culture, I enjoy kickin’ it with pals or catching up on some well-deserved sleep. I’ve recently become an avid longboarder and enjoy scrolling through Tumblr during the most inopportune of times, such as in class. I also run a personal blog, aptly titled Sam Unfiltered. Give it a peek when you’re bored, it’s pretty interesting. Now go, young grasshoppers, and explore, plus be sure to let me know what you think.


One thought on “About

  1. Mich says:

    Longboarding? You haven’t even been to Hawaii yet! That some new kind of corn surfing?! MB

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