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Mid-Season premieres

Over the past few weeks the big 5 networks – ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC – have been unveiling countless new shows to boost their mid-season line-ups. While many of these shows are great, there are others that are not so fantastic. Well, I am here to guide you in deciding what shows are worth adding to your weekly watch list, what to skip, and what to look forward to. Continue reading

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‘Skin’ny love

One of the greatest shows on television at this moment is Skins. Sound unfamiliar? Well, that’s probably because it’s written and shot over in Britain. Yes, Britain, as in our mother country. It’s a hit teen drama over there, and here it’s a cult favorite among those who know about it, whether they are teens or adults.

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Shamelessly good

Let’s take a moment to discuss one of the greatest shows on TV at this time, Shameless. Sound a little bit unfamiliar? Well, it no longer will after this post. In fact, Shameless will become your new weekly addiction.

Airing on Showtime every Sunday, Shameless focuses on the complicated lives of the Gallagher family. Sounds like your average TV show right, nothing special? Wrong. Shameless is as original as TV shows come these days, considering it is based off a British show of the same name. Continue reading

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For the love of Hulu

In college, time is extremely valuable. It’s precious, and there is definitely not enough. Between classes and homework there is rarely any time to simply relax and watch your favorite guilty pleasure at 7 o’clock sharp. That is where the lovely website Hulu comes in to play. Before I go on with my shameless plug for Hulu, I should inform you all that I am sadly not being paid for my praise of this revolutionary site.
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