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Time flies

Welp, I know it has been a while, quite a while actually, but I’m back! Summer is coming to a close and school is about to kick off, and I’ll be posting a bunch the next few days or so. I’m going to try so hard to keep this blog up to date, I swear. It’s my senior year, I never thought I’d see the day that I start my senior year, but time sure flies and things sure do change. Keep your eyes peeled for some posts this week!


Let’s try this again…

Welp, I was supposed to be back in action this summer but due to my busy schedule, no such luck. However, my plan is to return to blogging starting this week with some movie and music reviews. Look forward to those in the coming days. Until then, be patient and bare with me as I get back in to the swing of things.

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Back in action!

‘Ello all! I know it’s been a few months, but don’t fret, I’ll be back to blogging in no time. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting countless summer movie reviews, so be looking forward to those. Also, my format may seem a bit more relaxed since I am no longer being graded for my work on this blog. Keep checking in the next few weeks for new posts and I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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Oh, hello world

Going to college is like living in a little bubble, the focus is on school and not much else. However, it is my philosophy that as college students, or really human beings in general, we need to relax and not take life so seriously all the time. There’s no better way to relax in my opinion than having a love affair with pop culture. Whether it is books, movies, TV shows, music, or fashion, there are so many facets of pop culture to lose yourself in for even the briefest of moments and simply let go.

I’ve created this blog as a way to share my love of pop culture with my fellow peers, as well as provide a place for people to turn to when they want to take a deep breath and shut off their mind for just a few minutes. Through this blog I will keep readers updated on the latest and most important of pop culture news.