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Movie trailer obsession: That Awkward Moment

9594d367-8ae3-486e-996c-588621d92bb2_thatawkwardmoment_trailer_gs2One of the things I love most about seeing a movie in theaters is watching the movie trailers before the film. Recently I went to see the remake of Carrie in theaters with an English professor of mine. Now quick side note, I thought it was a fantastic remake, and that the new director really brought her own spin to it. It was not scary by any means, but definitely shocking and surprising. I would say it is one of the must-see films of October (maybe the only must-see film of October).  Continue reading

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Movie review: The Spectacular Now

The_Spectacular_Now_4A modern coming-of-age tale, The Spectacular Now beautifully depicts the triumphs and tragedies of falling in love, all while trying to figure out the future. Continue reading

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Movie review: 21 & Over

21-and-over-posterTurning 21 is supposed to be the greatest night of your life. It’s supposed to be unimaginable, unforgettable, and hopefully unmemorable if everything goes according to plan. For Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), this holds to be completely true in 21 & Over. Continue reading

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