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Movie trailer obsession: That Awkward Moment

9594d367-8ae3-486e-996c-588621d92bb2_thatawkwardmoment_trailer_gs2One of the things I love most about seeing a movie in theaters is watching the movie trailers before the film. Recently I went to see the remake of Carrie in theaters with an English professor of mine. Now quick side note, I thought it was a fantastic remake, and that the new director really brought her own spin to it. It was not scary by any means, but definitely shocking and surprising. I would say it is one of the must-see films of October (maybe the only must-see film of October).  Continue reading

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Trailer Park

As the projector flickers on, green washes over the screen, indicating the beginning of the previews. Voices turn into inaudible whispers, heads look forward, and bodies shift in their seats just as the first movie trailer appears on screen. While many people go to the movies only to see the latest hit film, I go to also see the previews. One of the best parts of the film-going experience is watching the movie trailers that appear before the film. Sadly though, these trailers do not last long, but don’t fret, there is a way to watch them all after the movie is over. Continue reading

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